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I’m sitting on my balcony in Sydney, overlooking the stunning Harbour Bridge and Opera House. I have my Mac on my lap, and a cup of tea beside me. Life is good. And beautiful.

I firmly believe that life is too short for ugly. Ugly makes you feel bad, ugly is a compromise, ugly is never your first choice and ugly takes up space where beauty should be.

Everyone has their own ideas of what ugly looks like. And equally, we all know beauty when we see it. But beauty is different for us all; what you think is beautiful, may not be my idea of beauty. And vice versa.

And that’s what makes the world such a colourful, diverse and BEAUTIFUL place.

But what is universally true, is how BEAUTY makes us all FEEL. Beauty makes us feel GOOD. When we surround ourselves with things and experiences that are beautiful, we feel happy. And isn’t happiness what we’re all seeking in this life!?

Is your home filled with furniture and trinkets that bring HAPPINESS, make you smile and feel good? Or do you have stuff that functions but that doesn’t fill you with pride?

Do you have an ugly chair lurking under a cover or hidden in a corner?

Sometimes we can’t even see the ugliness because we’re just so used to seeing it. But we can feel it – mess, dirt, disrepair and ugliness give off negative vibes. Dirty clothes certainly don’t make us feel our best, nobody wants to relax in an overgrown garden, and a messy room doesn’t make us feel as good as a tidy room.

Adirondack Beach Chairs on a Sun Beach in front of a Holiday Vac

We all understand that we’re just energy. Matter and energy fizzing around in the Universe, bumping along with every animal, plant and mineral, emitting electrical impulses as we go.

We feel positive energy when we see and experience beauty; it’s that deep sense of joy when walking barefoot on a sunny, empty beach. It’s that feeling of confidence when slipping on a fabulous new dress, and it’s that moment of teary pride when your child gives you a handmade gift. That’s positive energy in action.

Take a quick wander around your home. Which rooms make you feel positive? Which rooms you’d rather shut the door on? Take a good look at your furniture, what’s hanging on your walls, under your feet, the displays on your shelves.

Is everything haphazard and merely functional, making you feel indifferent and meh? Or is everything 100% perfect, making you feel pride and joy? Chances are it’s a mix of both.

If you spotted a chair or old seat that has seen better days, get in touch. I can help restore your sense of joy for it – I can breathe new life into it. I can cover ugly chairs, redesign them, repair and upholster ugly chairs.

Together we can turn an ugly duckling chair into a BEAUTIFUL CHAIR once more.

Chairs are often a room’s focal point. A feature piece. An essential. Chairs blend function with aesthetics.

You seriously don’t have to live looking at ugly anymore – getting your chairs redesigned and upholstered is truly SIMPLE.

I do ALL the leg work, the organising and the driving. I will listen to your needs and ideas, come up with fabric choices (and can even design a fabric exclusively for you if you fancy) I will get my team to upholster and tend to your chair and then I will deliver it back home, ready for you to love for years to come.

Bring BEAUTY back into your life via your chairs! Life is too short for ugly chairs, wouldn’t you agree?

~ Emma x

Let’s make your chair beautiful once more!

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