Does your home have a vision board for 2015?

…. a what?”

A vision board is a place to collect all those FABULOUS THINGS you want in your life. Pictures of what INSPIRES you, of what you want to have, places you want to see and experiences you want to feel. A picture paints a thousand words, and all that…

People have VISION BOARDS of their ideal life/career/health/relationship/travel ambitions….Why not create a vision board dedicated to your PERFECT HOME?

Stop Dreaming - Vision Board I Love My Chair

You may be someone who COLLECTS info and ideas for renovations and major home decorating projects, and then hole-punches them and hides them away in a file.

Don’t keep your magazine tear-sheets or photos in a file. A file is closed, dark and invisible. A vision board is just the opposite; a board/A3 card/pin-board with your ideal things stuck on.

Keep the nitty-gritty information, contacts and suppliers in a file – but all the BEAUTIFUL stuff should be seen. It’s what will keep you motivated, inspired and excited to improve your home and your life.

  • You don’t even need to be planning a RENOVATION or major interior overhaul to create a vision board; small changes and mini projects at home also benefit from vision boards.
  • You could even be living in your ideal home already; a vision board will keep the house fresh and up-to-date. After all, dreaming never ends!
  • You may insist that never in a BAJILLION years could you actually own your DREAM HOME; but a vision board will help you achieve smaller, less expensive changes that will FEEL like a million dollars.

Hang it on your wall, next to your bed, on the fridge, opposite your computer, inside a wardrobe door, even in the loo!

Print a mini version to pop into your diary, ipad case or purse. DISPLAY it anywhere you will see it daily. To remind you of how you want your HOME and LIFE to be. Pinterest boards and digital vision boards are ok, but you simply won’t see them as often as physically having it around. Get those scissors and glue out!

Did you know that having a vision board of your PERFECT HOME is a great place to start getting your perfect home SOONER? You really can manifest your perfect home.

Even if your reno is months or even years away, start your vision board TODAY. Or if you think the idea of your perfect home is impossible to achieve, small steps will help you reach your goal; start your vision board today.

Visualising your dreams is essential for MANIFESTING them into REALITY. Wishy-washiness never achieved goals, dreams and ideals. Success, fulfilment and happiness don’t do vague and aimless.

We live in a physical world, where thoughts and intentions become reality if we put them into written words and PICTURES. Be specific about what you’d like. Tell the Universe in words and pictures.

Now, if you think all this sounds a bit WOO WOO, I’d understand. I am not a Woo Woo person in the traditional sense – I must admit crystals and auras baffle me a bit. HOWEVER I am a firm advocate for POSITIVE thinking and setting INTENTIONS. Thoughts turn into words, which turn into actions which alter your reality.

So what intentions are you setting for your home in 2015?

Start by making a VISION BOARD. Fill it with images of things that will make you feel good, that will make your life easier, and that reflect who YOU are. You’ll feel inspired and happy just looking at it.

Beautiful place quote - I Love My Chair

Checklist for what you’ll need to create your own vision board:

  • A3 card or pinboard
  • Glue, scissors, washi tape and/or pretty pins
  • Stack of magazines, newspapers, journals and internet print-outs

How to create your vision board:

  • Start by tearing out everything that resonates with you, that makes you feel happy, that you want to have, or be. Don’t edit yet.
  • Sort through what you have collected and pick out a few favourite images.
  • Cut them out nicely.
  • Play around with how they look on the card. Try various layouts.
  • Start by glueing down the bigger images, as a kind of background.
  • Add the small images and words in and around them.
  • Have fun and feel inspiration and aspiration flow towards you.
  • Hang it up, celebrate your first step to achieving your perfect home!

Enjoy seeing it everyday. This DAILY REMINDER will help you be, do and have what you your heart desires.

And slowly you will start seeing what small changes you can do to achieve your goals.

  • Can’t afford that ahh-maz-ing painting you clipped from Vogue Living? But now you have identified what you love, you may see a similar print in another, more affordable shop.
  • Can’t afford a whole new lounge suite? Now you have identified you want new sofas and chairs, maybe you could reupholster or redesign your existing furniture to emulate the style?

Here’s a picture of my vision board. I love my home today in Sydney, overlooking the water. But there is still things I want to achieve – one of them being reupholstering my grandmother’s precious armchair. It will become the prized focal point of my lounge room once more.


Read my blog post about inherited heirloom chairs here.

Which DREAMS and VISIONS will you make come a REALITY in 2015?

I’d love to see your vision boards – post them on my Facebook page or on Instagram with hashtag  #myvisionboard2015

Let’s get started on your chair!

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