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You don’t come to me for a chair because you need to sit down. It’s not because you’re fed up with sitting on the floor!

My chairs and my clients are soooo much more interesting….

You can go anywhere for a functional, mass produced chair for next to nuppence; if all you need to do is sit down, China churns out a gazillion cheap, generic chairs (now that’s precise research for you!)

Our bottoms are well catered for….but is our sense of INDIVIDUALITY? You can’t mass-produce individuality like you can a replica retro chair.

You are uniquely you. Your home should be too.

In fact, every chair that passes through my hands has a STORY to tell. Like a Feature Film, a Feature Chair tells a story. A story about the owner of the chair; about family history, about their travels, part of a collection, a favourite reading chair, a new business, celebrating a life milestone, turning over a new leaf in a new home. Their chairs have soul and character, an expression of who they are and what they value in life.

Every home needs a FEATURE CHAIR because it gives the home a SOUL, a focal point that starts conversations, that makes you HAPPY and looks FABULOUS.

Visually, a room needs a HERO piece that sets the tone for the rest of the room. Whether you’re starting a room from scratch or simply jigging around what you already have, giving your room a focal point is key.

Hero piece - I Love My Chair quote


Chairs are very practical and yet hugely versatile and artistic which make them perfect hero pieces.

The No 1 MISTAKE MOST PEOPLE MAKE is having the TV as the ONLY focal point in a room; after all, that big black screen is very commanding and needs to be central for everyone to get a good view of Law & Order or The Block (the only reality show I watch!)

I’m certainly not saying you should chuck out your flatscreen or hide it away. But if you have a hero piece, and use that as the INSPIRATION for the rest of the room, the attention is drawn away from the ugly screen – at the very least, it’s not the only attention grabbing item in the space.

Using a chair as a focal point in your room brings DEPTH, WARMTH and INTEREST, as well as being hugely USEFUL.

Funnily enough I have one particular feature chair at home that no-one is allowed to sit on; I’m a bit precious about it. It’s one of my own creations and every now and then I use it for a photo shoot or an event, so it needs to stay in tip top condition. My family all tease me, but that’s my rule….only the cat pays ZERO attention to the rule, as you can see!

naughty cat

Feature chairs make great hero pieces; and you can REDESIGN and REUPHOLSTER virtually ANY chair to be a FEATURE CHAIR.

Take a look at what you have – your favourite TV ARMCHAIR could become the feature chair with a thoughtful redesign and new fabric.

A set of DINING CHAIRS make a wonderful focal point to a dining room – you could have your current ones redone in CUSTOM FABRIC.

A satin SLIPPER CHAIR in your bedroom (NOT covered in discarded clothes please!) creates a wonderful focal point away from the bed.

Think about that tatty chair hidden under a throw, tucked in the rumpus room; that has the PERFECT bones to become a feature chair.

Do you have a chair that could be REINVENTED?

Ways to create a FEATURE CHAIR:

  • Use a chair you ALREADY OWN and have a fabric designed or sourced to make it SPECIAL. Even if you think a chair looks beyond help, I promise you, you’re wrong. I can work Chairy Godmother MAGIC on nearly any chair!
  • If you can’t afford a complete chair, invest in fabulous CUSHIONS to arrange as LUXURY accessories – don’t go cheap and generic. You do get what you pay for  and you don’t want the same as your neighbour.
  • COMMISSION a chair. Tell me your ideas, show me your favourite things, rip out magazine pages and I’ll produce a VISION-BOARD to encapsulate them and create a story. I’ll sketch fabric and chair ideas – you get to be part of the process, we COLLABORATE. Your soul and your story will be woven into the finished chair.
  • For old, dirty chairs often all you need is a PROFESSIONAL clean, a quick dust and lick of furniture oil. Retro fabrics and ‘granny’ styles are quite acceptable when you mix them up with contemporary home-wares and furniture. I’ll bet it has a story to tell!
  • Use your chair as part of a VIGNETTE in a room; create a stylish nook with a chair on a rug with side table, dressed with books and vase of flowers. Or deliberately position your chair by a window or fireplace with an ottoman.

Never push all your furniture against the walls – pull chairs out, give them breathing space to be the STAR of the room.

But most of all, CHAIRS TELL STORIES and we all like a good story. That is why every home NEEDS a feature chair.

~ Emma x

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